Women's Golf Association

April Newsletter

Greetings from the WGA:

We had a great start to our season with Scrambles the first two weeks.  It was so good to see so many new players out on the course!  We want to welcome our newest member, Sue Whitson.  We are so glad to have you join us.  We now have 34 members.
Thanks to Julie Wells for, once again, giving us a free lesson on chipping/pitching before play our first week.
We want to also recognize Roberta Oxford and Dorinda Steadman for sprucing up and beautifying our flower baskets at the entrance to the Club.  Great job, ladies.
Mary Adams brought to our attention that in 2019 the WGA will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary at CCCC.  We will be discussing plans for this event at our October meeting.
We have two upcoming fundraisers in our near future.  The first is our annual Mother’s Day Raffle.  All WGA members will be selling tickets which enable the buyer to be eligible to win $200.00, roses and candy.  We would appreciate your support.
The second fundraiser will be a garage sale on May 18 & 19th opening at 8:00 am.  This is the same weekend as the POA garage sale.  We will be stationed at the front of Judy Green’s property.  All profits will go into our Scholarship Fund so, again, we would appreciate your support.
Sally Bailey, our Scholarship Chair, is in the process of distributing applications for qualifying Seniors who have an interest in golf, a good GPA and are planning to attend college next Fall.  These will be passed out to high schools in Mabank, Kemp, Kaufman and Eustace.   The forms will also be available in the Pro Shop.
See you on the course.
Linda Goode

Our 2017 Mothers Day Raffle Winners!