Women's Golf Association

August Newsletter

Greetings from the WGA:

Play day attendance has been a little sparse due to the 100 degree weather.  There have been a few brave gals out there playing but most of us are just waiting and hoping for cooler weather. We are counting on September being a little more comfortable in preparation for our WGA Club Championship on September 13th & 14th. We also look forward to hosting the Guy’s & Gal’s tournament on September 29th.

After reviewing multiple applications for our Scholarship Fund, we are pleased to announce the recipients:

Tara Hamilton – Texas State University

Elizabeth Hardy – East Texas Baptist University

Danielle Sinclair – Trinity Valley Community College

Hanna Smith – Texas A&M University

Due to our two successful fundraisers, we were able to award four $500.00 scholarships for the first time in many years.  Thanks to Sally Bailey for chairing this project!

Linda Goode

WGA President

Our 2018 Mothers Day Raffle Winners!