Women's Golf Association

March Newsletter

Greetings from the WGA:

Due to the cold, windy, rainy weather we have had the last few weeks, there is not much to report on the golf front.  Some of us have been taking advantage of the few good golfing days we have had.  I imagine we will all be a bit rusty when our season begins. 

The WGA will be hosting the Central Texas members at a tournament on March 1st, therefore our season will not begin until March 8th. It will be the first of two Scrambles we will have in March.

We are pleased to announce that as of this writing we have 30 members.  Thanks once again to all the non-golfers who continue to support us with your membership.  There is still time to join us….just send Louise Powers your dues  ($30.00) or call her with any questions you might have.

Mother’s Day is not that far away so the WGA will be actively selling tickets for  our Mother’s Day   Raffle which is the only fundraiser for our treasury each year.  It has been a big success in the past with great cash and gift prizes ..just ask Cris and David Cary who won $200.00 and roses last year.  We ask that you please be generous when we “come a calling”.

We are proud to take this opportunity to congratulate Sally Bailey (the WGA nominee) for being elected to the Cedar Creek Country Club Board.  We know she will do a great job and represent us well.

I look forward to seeing all of you lady golfers on March 8th when we start our season.

Linda Goode

Our 2017 Mothers Day Raffle Winners!

Upcoming Events

WGA Meeting: Thursday, March 15th