Dining at Cedar Creek Country Club is always special. Not only does the club serve up delicious food and drinks six days a week, but a friendly, courteous staff works hard to make your dining experience memorable.

Bar Service: 11AM-8PM Dining: 12PM-8PM

Bar Service: 11AM-8PM Dining:11AM-8PM

Bar Service: 11AM-8PM Dining:11AM-8PM

Bar Service: 11AM-10PM Dining: 11AM-9PM

Bar Service: 11AM-9PM Dining: 11AM-8PM

Bar Service: 11AM-6PM Dining:11AM-5PM

To Go Orders Welcomed! 903.498.6761

Letter from The Chef

This month we have rolled out a new menu that I hope fills everyone's stomachs and wishes. I have spoken with many members, picked their brains, and even tried out some of their recipes to get to the point we are currently.  This menu is very simple compared to the other ones we have tried out here and it seems to be what is wanted; good quality home-style food. We are bringing back the Baked Potato Bar for Steak Night service as well as the salad bar. The specials will be sent out weekly as opposed to monthly. If there is a question about the new menu please feel free to call me. You can find the new menus posted online to take a closer look.

The time it has been taking to get food to a table has been addressed with kitchen staff, and we are working to solve this issue. We appreciate your patience with us as we’re making these transitions.  We look forward to many happy days ahead of us !

-Chef Sam